Counterfeit Money Printers

 Well, you might as well fall into wrong hands who will demand lower amounts.

I just want to let you know that beware of small prices. People will ask you 100, 150 to send you a ridiculous amount of counterfeit money. 

Just beware my friends. I will say it again, anybody giving a MOQ below mind is a scam. Don’t contact me saying you have been scammed or how can you trust me. I don’t want to hear that because when you say that, you were just being careless. Try to differentiate real buyer from fake on their various price tags. If you know you can afford my MOQ, don’t even bother to email me.

To become rich, you must sacrifice and only the brave and serious ones will push through.

Gather money and buy from me and i will make you proud. Your journey to become rich starts with me.

Use this opportunity. I am the Master of this artwork of counterfeit money-making.

To make his fake money have a real feel to it, he used a variety of methods including sourcing out paper from a mill in Germany that he tricked into making the exact recipe he had duplicated including cotton and linen that is used in American currency, the Dandy roll for watermark in Poland and a Bank for payments in Switzerland. that made a type of cotton and linen that is used in American currency, with a cover story that it was being used for Bonds and stock trading company named Keystone Investment and Trading Co.