The Official Money Printer Company

All of our printers are graded as highest grade offset press printing machines. Our printers deliver the most detailed graphics, highest quality and colors on any counterfeit bill and will never show hot spots, glare or shine under production lights. Another key ingredient of our high grade offset printing machines is the ink (OVI) which will never run off the bills if they get wet unlike standard digital printed counterfeit money.

Our Money Printers

We have both standalone and portable Money printing machines, our machines come to you complete with everything you need to start printing, it’s a full package.

Our Services

Once you place and order, you only pay when you have confirmed the quality of the Money Printer. That is, you pay for the printer only after delivery and test print is confirmed by you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see that you get the best quality in whatever bills you want to print. In high quality, quantity and speed. We guarantee our printers can give you that. That’s why you pay after installation and confirmed test.

Payment and Delivery

We only accept Bitcoin as payment Option because its Secured and Untraceable by authorities, Once you contact us for purchase we make sure you have the money in your bitcoin wallet ready to send to us only after we have installed the printers and make a test print. payment and delivering in USA,UK and CANADA is within a week for the HCPM and 24 hours for the portable printers. The portable printers do not have the capacity to engrave security features so you can only order for class A sheets wit all detailed in them already to complete your printing.


All our clients trust us because we have the most reliable and agreeable payment method in the market, we have the best quality, we provide after sale assistance, we provide maintenance guide etc.  

UK and Canada synthetic polymer bills

We have all the latest updates on software and security feature for the UK and Canada plastic bills, you can get straight into business and mass production. We provide all that you need.

Buy USD printing machine.

We have withheld a good par of the information about this machines to direct contacts only when you talk with us then you will understand better how to do business with us.

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